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ABKNewsFeedTableViewController Class Reference

Instance Methods

(NSString *) - localizedAppboyFeedString:
(void) - handleCardClick:
- Instance Methods inherited from <ABKBaseNewsFeedCellDelegate>
(void) - refreshTableViewCellHeights

Class Methods

(instancetype) + getNavigationFeedViewController


IBOutlet UIView * emptyFeedView
IBOutlet UILabel * emptyFeedLabel
BOOL disableUnreadIndicator
ABKCardCategory categories
NSArray< ABKCard * > * cards
NSMutableSet< NSString * > * cardImpressions
NSTimeInterval cacheTimeout
id constraintWarningValue

Method Documentation

+ (instancetype) getNavigationFeedViewController

This method returns an instance of ABKNewsFeedTableViewController. You can call it to get a News Feed view controller for your navigation controller.

- (void) handleCardClick: (ABKCard *)  card

This method handles the user's click on the card.

To do custom handling with the card clicks, you can override this method in a subclass. You also need to call [card logCardClicked] manually inside of your new method to send the click event to the Braze server.

- (NSString *) localizedAppboyFeedString: (NSString *)  key

This method returns the localized string from AppboyFeedLocalizable.strings file. You can easily override the localized string by adding the keys and the translations to your own Localizable.strings file.

To do custom handling with the Appboy localized string, you can override this method in a subclass.

Property Documentation

- (NSTimeInterval) cacheTimeout

This property defines the timeout for stored News Feed cards in the Braze SDK. If the cards in the Braze SDK are older than this value, the News Feed view controller will request a News Feed update.

The default value is 60 seconds.

- (NSMutableSet<NSString *>*) cardImpressions

This set stores the card IDs for which the impressions have been logged.

- (NSArray<ABKCard *>*) cards

This property shows the cards displayed in the News Feed. Please note that the News Feed view controller listens to the ABKFeedUpdatedNotification notification from the Braze SDK, which will update the value of this property.

- (ABKCardCategory) categories

This property indicates which categories of cards the news feed is displaying. Setting this property will automatically update the news feed page and only display cards in the given categories. This method won't request refresh of cards from the Braze server, but only look into cards that are cached in the SDK.

- (BOOL) disableUnreadIndicator

This property allows you to enable or disable the unread indicator on the news feed. The default value is NO, which will enable the displaying of the unread indicator on cards.

- (IBOutlet UIView*) emptyFeedView

UI elements which are used in the News Feed table view. You can find them in the News Feed Card Storyboard.