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ABKCard Class Reference

Instance Methods

(nullable NSData *) - serializeToData
(void) - logCardImpression
(void) - logCardClicked
(BOOL) - hasSameId:

Class Methods

(nullable ABKCard *) + deserializeCardFromDictionary:


NSString * idString
BOOL viewed
double created
double updated
ABKCardCategory categories
double expiresAt
NSDictionary * extras
NSString * urlString
BOOL openUrlInWebView

Property Documentation

- (NSDictionary*) extras

This property carries extra data in the form of an NSDictionary which can be sent down via the Braze Dashboard. You may want to design and implement a custom handler to access this data depending on your use case.

- (BOOL) openUrlInWebView

When the card's urlString is not nil, if the property is set to YES, the URL will be opened in a modal WKWebView inside the app. If this property is set to NO, the URL will be opened by the OS and web URLs will be opened in an external web browser app.

This property defaults to NO.