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ABKNFBaseCardCell Class Reference

Instance Methods

(void) - applyCard:
(UIImage *) - getPlaceHolderImage

Class Methods

(ABKNFBaseCardCell *) + dequeueCellFromTableView:forIndexPath:forCard:


IBOutlet UIView * rootView
IBOutlet UIImageView * unreadIndicatorView
id< ABKBaseNewsFeedCellDelegatedelegate
IBOutlet NSLayoutConstraint * rootViewLeadingConstraint
IBOutlet NSLayoutConstraint * rootViewTrailingConstraint
IBOutlet NSLayoutConstraint * rootViewTopConstraint
IBOutlet NSLayoutConstraint * rootViewBottomConstraint
CGFloat cardSidePadding
CGFloat cardSpacing
BOOL hideUnreadIndicator

Method Documentation

- (void) applyCard: (ABKCard *)  card
cardThe card model for the cell.

Apply the data from the given card to the card cell.

Implemented in ABKNFBannerCardCell.

+ (ABKNFBaseCardCell *) dequeueCellFromTableView: (UITableView *)  tableView
forIndexPath: (NSIndexPath *)  indexPath
forCard: (ABKCard *)  card 
tableViewThe table view which need the cell to diplay the card UI.
indexPathThe index path of the card UI in the table view.
cardThe card model for the cell.

This method dequeues and returns the corresponding card cell based on card type from the given table view.

- (UIImage *) getPlaceHolderImage

This is a utility method to return the place holder image.

Property Documentation

- (CGFloat) cardSidePadding

These are basic UI configuration for the News Feed. They are set to the default value in setUp method.

It's recommended to set the values before the view is displayed.

- (IBOutlet UIView*) rootView

This view displays the card contents and is the base view container for each card. To change or configure the outline of the card like card width, background color board width, etc, you can update this property accordingly.

- (IBOutlet NSLayoutConstraint*) rootViewLeadingConstraint

Card root view related constraints

- (IBOutlet UIImageView*) unreadIndicatorView

This is the triangle image which shows if a card has been viewed by the user.