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ABKInAppMessageHTML Class Reference


BOOL trusted
NSArray * assetUrls
NSDictionary * messageFields
- Properties inherited from ABKInAppMessageHTMLBase
NSURL * assetsLocalDirectoryPath
- Properties inherited from ABKInAppMessage
NSString * message
NSDictionary * extras
NSTimeInterval duration
ABKInAppMessageClickActionType inAppMessageClickActionType
NSURL * uri
BOOL openUrlInWebView
ABKInAppMessageDismissType inAppMessageDismissType
UIColor * backgroundColor
UIColor * textColor
NSString * icon
UIColor * iconColor
UIColor * iconBackgroundColor
BOOL enableDarkTheme
NSInteger overrideUserInterfaceStyle
NSURL * imageURI
UIViewContentMode imageContentMode
ABKInAppMessageOrientation orientation
NSTextAlignment messageTextAlignment
BOOL animateIn
BOOL animateOut
BOOL isControl

Additional Inherited Members

- Instance Methods inherited from ABKInAppMessageHTMLBase
(void) - logInAppMessageHTMLClickWithButtonID:

Property Documentation

- (NSArray*) assetUrls

This property is an array of asset URLs that are used when generating the HTML.

- (NSDictionary*) messageFields

This property is a dictionary of other structured data that can be included with the in-app message.

- (BOOL) trusted

This property indicates whether the content was built by our platform.