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ABKInAppMessageHTMLBase Class Reference

Instance Methods

(void) - logInAppMessageHTMLClickWithButtonID:
- Instance Methods inherited from ABKInAppMessage
(void) - logInAppMessageImpression
(void) - logInAppMessageClicked
(void) - setInAppMessageClickAction:withURI:
(nullable NSData *) - serializeToData


NSURL * assetsLocalDirectoryPath
- Properties inherited from ABKInAppMessage
NSString * message
NSDictionary * extras
NSTimeInterval duration
ABKInAppMessageClickActionType inAppMessageClickActionType
NSURL * uri
BOOL openUrlInWebView
ABKInAppMessageDismissType inAppMessageDismissType
UIColor * backgroundColor
UIColor * textColor
NSString * icon
UIColor * iconColor
UIColor * iconBackgroundColor
BOOL enableDarkTheme
NSInteger overrideUserInterfaceStyle
NSURL * imageURI
UIViewContentMode imageContentMode
ABKInAppMessageOrientation orientation
NSTextAlignment messageTextAlignment
BOOL animateIn
BOOL animateOut
BOOL isControl

Method Documentation

- (void) logInAppMessageHTMLClickWithButtonID: (NSString *)  buttonId

Log a click on the in-app message with a buttonId. HTMLFull in-app messages have the limitation of only handling a single button click, but we allow HTML in-app messages to handle multiple button clicks.

buttonIdthe id of the click

Property Documentation

- (NSURL*) assetsLocalDirectoryPath

This is the local URL of the assets directory for the HTML in-app message. Please note that the value of this property can be overridden by Braze at the time of displaying, so please don't set it as the value will be discarded.