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ABKInAppMessageDarkTheme Class Reference

Instance Methods

(instancetype) - initWithFields:
(UIColor *) - getColorForKey:


UIColor * backgroundColor
UIColor * textColor
UIColor * iconColor
UIColor * iconBackgroundColor
UIColor * headerTextColor
UIColor * closeButtonColor
UIColor * frameColor
< ABKInAppMessageDarkButtonTheme * > * 

Method Documentation

- (UIColor *) getColorForKey: (NSString *)  key

Returns the dark color variant given a valid key. If the key isn't found, returns nil.

- (instancetype) initWithFields: (NSDictionary< NSString *, NSString * > *)  darkThemeFields

Data model storing all the Dark Theme values passed down from the server for an in-app message. This only gets initalized if the campaign is set up to support Dark Theme and has the fields populated.

Property Documentation

- (NSArray<ABKInAppMessageDarkButtonTheme *>*) buttons

An array of all the button color properties, in the same order as the buttons object in ABKInAppImmersive