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ABKInAppMessageWebViewBridge Class Reference

#import <ABKInAppMessageWebViewBridge.h>

Instance Methods

(instancetype) - initWithWebView:inAppMessage:appboyInstance:


< ABKInAppMessageWebViewBridgeDelegate

Detailed Description

The webview bridge The bridge is automatically setup on initialization and destroyed on dealloc. The bridge needs to be retained to stay enabled. Keep a strong instance of the bridge in a property to do so

Method Documentation

- (instancetype) initWithWebView: (WKWebView *)  webView
inAppMessage: (ABKInAppMessageHTML *)  inAppMessage
appboyInstance: (Appboy *)  appboy 

Initialize an instance of ABKInAppMessageWebViewBridge

webViewThe WKWebView in which the bridge needs to be setup
inAppMessageThe InAppMessage being displayed
appboyThe Appboy instance

Property Documentation

- (id<ABKInAppMessageWebViewBridgeDelegate>) delegate

The delegate instance