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ABKInAppMessageUIController Class Reference


UIInterfaceOrientationMask supportedOrientationMask
UIInterfaceOrientation preferredOrientation
BOOL keyboardVisible
id< ABKInAppMessageUIDelegateuiDelegate

Additional Inherited Members

- Instance Methods inherited from <ABKInAppMessageUIControlling>
(void) - setInAppMessageUIDelegate:
(void) - hideCurrentInAppMessage:
(ABKInAppMessageDisplayChoice) - getCurrentDisplayChoiceForInAppMessage:
(ABKInAppMessageDisplayChoice) - getCurrentDisplayChoiceForControlInAppMessage:
(void) - showInAppMessage:
(BOOL) - inAppMessageCurrentlyVisible

Property Documentation

- (ABKInAppMessageWindowController*) inAppMessageWindowController

The ABKInAppMessageWindowController that is being shown.

- (BOOL) keyboardVisible

keyboardVisible will have the value YES when the keyboard is shown.

- (UIInterfaceOrientation) preferredOrientation

preferredOrientation allows you to select which orientation should be preferred if multiple orientations are supported by the view controller. If set to a value other than UIInterfaceOrientationUnknown, the value of preferredOrientation will be returned by preferredInterfaceOrientationForPresentation in the in-app message view controller. Otherwise, the current status bar orientation will be returned.

The default value of preferredOrientation is UIInterfaceOrientationUnknown, which means status bar orientation should be set for in-app message orientation.

- (UIInterfaceOrientationMask) supportedOrientationMask

supportedOrientationMask allows you to change which orientation mask the in-app message supports. In-app messages will normally support the orientations specified in the app settings, but the method supportedInterfaceOrientations may optionally override that. The value of supportedOrientationMask will be returned in supportedInterfaceOrientations in the in-app message view controller.

The default value of supportedOrientationMask is UIInterfaceOrientationMaskAll.

- (id<ABKInAppMessageUIDelegate>) uiDelegate

The optional ABKInAppMessageUIDelegate that can be used to specify the UI behaviors of in-app messages.