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ABKInAppMessageSlideupViewController Class Reference


IBOutlet UIImageView * arrowImage
IBOutlet NSLayoutConstraint * slideConstraint
- Properties inherited from ABKInAppMessageViewController
IBOutlet UIImageView * iconImageView
IBOutlet UILabel * iconLabelView
IBOutlet UILabel * inAppMessageMessageLabel
BOOL isiPad

Additional Inherited Members

- Instance Methods inherited from ABKInAppMessageViewController
(instancetype) - initWithInAppMessage:
(void) - hideInAppMessage:
(void) - beforeMoveInAppMessageViewOffScreen
(void) - moveInAppMessageViewOffScreen
(void) - beforeMoveInAppMessageViewOnScreen
(void) - moveInAppMessageViewOnScreen
(BOOL) - applyImageToImageView:
(BOOL) - applyIconToLabelView:

Property Documentation

- (IBOutlet UIImageView*) arrowImage

The UIImageView for the arrow of the in-app message.

- (IBOutlet NSLayoutConstraint*) slideConstraint

The constraint which controls the slideup in-app message animate in and out of the screen.