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ABKInAppMessageViewController Class Reference

Instance Methods

(instancetype) - initWithInAppMessage:
(void) - hideInAppMessage:
(void) - beforeMoveInAppMessageViewOffScreen
(void) - moveInAppMessageViewOffScreen
(void) - beforeMoveInAppMessageViewOnScreen
(void) - moveInAppMessageViewOnScreen
(BOOL) - applyImageToImageView:
(BOOL) - applyIconToLabelView:


IBOutlet UIImageView * iconImageView
IBOutlet UILabel * iconLabelView
IBOutlet UILabel * inAppMessageMessageLabel
BOOL isiPad

Method Documentation

- (void) hideInAppMessage: (BOOL)  animated

This method is used to decide whether the in-app message will be animated off the screen. If YES, the in-app message will animate off the screen. If NO, the in-app message will disappear immediately without animation.

For customization, please use a subclass or category to override this method.

- (instancetype) initWithInAppMessage: (ABKInAppMessage *)  inAppMessage

This method is used for passing the in-app message property to any custom view controller.

Property Documentation

- (IBOutlet UIImageView*) iconImageView

The UIImageView for the in-app message image.

- (IBOutlet UILabel*) iconLabelView

The UILabel for the in-app message icon.

- (ABKInAppMessage*) inAppMessage

The in-app message that is being displayed in the view controller.

- (IBOutlet UILabel*) inAppMessageMessageLabel

The UILabel for the in-app message message.

- (BOOL) isiPad

This is YES if the device being used is an iPad, and NO if the device is not an iPad.