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ABKInAppMessageModalViewController Class Reference


BOOL enableDismissOnOutsideTap
IBOutlet NSLayoutConstraint * iconImageHeightConstraint
IBOutlet NSLayoutConstraint * textsViewWidthConstraint
IBOutlet UIView * iconImageContainerView
IBOutlet UIView * graphicImageContainerView
- Properties inherited from ABKInAppMessageImmersiveViewController
IBOutlet UILabel * inAppMessageHeaderLabel
IBOutlet UIImageView * graphicImageView
IBOutlet NSLayoutConstraint * headerBodySpaceConstraint
IBOutlet ABKInAppMessageUIButtonleftInAppMessageButton
IBOutlet ABKInAppMessageUIButtonrightInAppMessageButton
IBOutlet UIScrollView * textsView
- Properties inherited from ABKInAppMessageViewController
IBOutlet UIImageView * iconImageView
IBOutlet UILabel * iconLabelView
IBOutlet UILabel * inAppMessageMessageLabel
BOOL isiPad

Additional Inherited Members

- Instance Methods inherited from ABKInAppMessageImmersiveViewController
(void) - setupLayoutForGraphic
(void) - setupLayoutForTopImage
(void) - changeCloseButtonColor
(IBAction) - dismissInAppMessage:
(IBAction) - buttonClicked:

Property Documentation

- (BOOL) enableDismissOnOutsideTap

This boolean determines if the modal in-app message will be dismissed when the user taps outside of the in-app message.

The default of this value is NO but can be overriden by setting the value of ABKEnableDismissModalOnOutsideTapKey in appboyOptions or in the Appboy dictionary in your Info.plist file.

- (IBOutlet NSLayoutConstraint*) iconImageHeightConstraint

The NSLayoutConstraint that specifies the height of the part of the in-app message which houses the image.