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ABKInAppMessageImmersive Class Reference

Instance Methods

(void) - logInAppMessageClickedWithButtonID:
(void) - setInAppMessageButtons:
- Instance Methods inherited from ABKInAppMessage
(void) - logInAppMessageImpression
(void) - logInAppMessageClicked
(void) - setInAppMessageClickAction:withURI:
(nullable NSData *) - serializeToData


NSString * header
UIColor * headerTextColor
UIColor * closeButtonColor
NSArray< ABKInAppMessageButton * > * buttons
UIColor * frameColor
NSTextAlignment headerTextAlignment
ABKInAppMessageImmersiveImageStyle imageStyle
- Properties inherited from ABKInAppMessage
NSString * message
NSDictionary * extras
NSTimeInterval duration
ABKInAppMessageClickActionType inAppMessageClickActionType
NSURL * uri
BOOL openUrlInWebView
ABKInAppMessageDismissType inAppMessageDismissType
UIColor * backgroundColor
UIColor * textColor
NSString * icon
UIColor * iconColor
UIColor * iconBackgroundColor
BOOL enableDarkTheme
NSInteger overrideUserInterfaceStyle
NSURL * imageURI
UIViewContentMode imageContentMode
ABKInAppMessageOrientation orientation
NSTextAlignment messageTextAlignment
BOOL animateIn
BOOL animateOut
BOOL isControl

Method Documentation

- (void) logInAppMessageClickedWithButtonID: (NSInteger)  buttonId
buttonIdThe clicked button's button ID for the in-app message. This number can't be negative. If you're handling in-app messages completely on your own, you should still report clicks on the in-app message button back to Braze with this method so that your campaign reporting features still work in the dashboard.

Note: Each in-app message can log at most one button click.

- (void) setInAppMessageButtons: (NSArray *)  buttonArray
buttonArrayThe button array for the in-app message. This array should NOT be nil nor empty. Every object in the array must be an instance of ABKInAppMessageButton.

This method will set the in-app message buttons.

Property Documentation

- (NSArray<ABKInAppMessageButton *>*) buttons

buttons defines the buttons of the in-app message. Each button must be an instance of ABKInAppMessageButton. When there are more than two buttons in the array, only the first two buttons will be displayed in the in-app message. For more information and setting of ABKInAppMessageButton, please see the documentation in ABKInAppMessageButton.h for additional details.

- (UIColor*) closeButtonColor

closeButtonColor defines the close button color of the in-app message. When this property is nil, the close button's default color is black.

- (UIColor*) frameColor

frameColor defines the frame color of an immersive in-app message. This color will fill the screen outside of the in-app message. When the property is nil, the color will be set to the default color, which is black with 90% opacity.

- (NSString*) header

header defines the header text of the in-app message. The header will only be displayed in one line on the default Braze in-app messages. If the header is more than one line, it will be truncated at the end.

- (NSTextAlignment) headerTextAlignment

headerTextAlignment defines the preferred text alignment of the header label. The default value is NSTextAlignmentCenter.

- (UIColor*) headerTextColor

headerTextColor defines the header text color, when there is a header string in the in-app message. The default text color is black.

- (ABKInAppMessageImmersiveImageStyle) imageStyle

imageStyle defines the image style of a immersive in-app message. For more information about the possible image styles, please check the documentation of ABKInAppMessageImmersiveImageStyle above.