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ABKFeedController Class Reference

Instance Methods

(NSInteger) - unreadCardCountForCategories:
(NSInteger) - cardCountForCategories:
(NSArray *) - getCardsInCategories:


NSArray * newsFeedCards
NSDate * lastUpdate

Method Documentation

- (NSInteger) cardCountForCategories: (ABKCardCategory)  categories

This method returns the total number of currently active cards belongs to given categories. Cards are counted only once even if they appear in multiple feed views.

- (NSArray *) getCardsInCategories: (ABKCardCategory)  categories
categoriesAn ABKCardCategory indicating the categories that you want to get. You can pass more than one category at one time by using "|" to separate categories like: ABKCardCategoryNews | ABKCardCategoryAnnouncements | ABKCardCategorySocial
An array of cards of the given categories.

This method will find the cards of given categories and return them. When the given categories don't exist in any card, this method will return an empty array.

- (NSInteger) unreadCardCountForCategories: (ABKCardCategory)  categories

This method returns the number of currently active cards which have not been viewed in the given categories. A "view" happens when a card becomes visible in the feed view. This differentiates between cards which are off-screen in the scrolling view, and those which are on-screen; when a card scrolls onto the screen, it's counted as viewed.

Cards are counted as viewed only once – if a card scrolls off the screen and back on, it's not re-counted.

Cards are counted only once even if they appear in multiple feed views or across multiple devices.

Property Documentation

- (NSDate*) lastUpdate

The NSDate object that indicates the last time the newsFeedCards property was updated from the Braze server.

- (NSArray*) newsFeedCards

The latest cards of the Braze News Feed saved in memory and disk. Right now the available card types are ABKBannerCard, ABKCaptionedImageCard, ABKClassicCard and ABKTextAnnouncementCard. They are all subclasses of ABKCard.