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<ABKURLDelegate> Protocol Referenceabstract

Instance Methods

(BOOL) - handleAppboyURL:fromChannel:withExtras:

Method Documentation

- (BOOL) handleAppboyURL: (NSURL *_Nullable)  url
fromChannel: (ABKChannel)  channel
withExtras: (NSDictionary *_Nullable)  extras 
urlThe deep link or web URL being offered to the delegate method.
channelAn enum representing the URL's associated messaging channel.
extrasThe extras dictionary associated with the campaign or messaging object that the URL originated from. Extras may be specified as key-value pairs on the Braze dashboard.
Boolean value which controls whether or not Braze will handle opening the URL. Returning YES will prevent Braze from opening the URL. Returning NO will cause Braze to handle opening the URL.

This delegate method is fired whenever the user attempts to open a URL sent by Braze. You can use this delegate to customize Braze's URL handling.