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<ABKIDFADelegate> Protocol Referenceabstract

Instance Methods

(NSString *) - advertisingIdentifierString
(BOOL) - isAdvertisingTrackingEnabledOrATTAuthorized

Method Documentation

- (NSString *) advertisingIdentifierString

Asks the delegate to return a valid IDFA for the current user.

Use this delegate to pass the IDFA to Braze. Braze does not collect IDFA automatically.

The current users's IDFA UUID.
- (BOOL) isAdvertisingTrackingEnabledOrATTAuthorized

Asks the delegate to return whether advertising tracking is enabled for the current user.

Your delegate implementation should use ATTrackingManager on iOS 14+ and ASIdentifierManager on earlier iOS versions.

An example implementation is available here:

YES if advertising tracking is enabled for iOS 14 and earlier or if AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) is authorized with iOS 14+, NO otherwise