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ABKLocationManager Class Reference

Instance Methods

(void) - logSingleLocation


BOOL enableLocationTracking
BOOL enableGeofences
BOOL disableAutomaticGeofenceRequests

Method Documentation

- (void) logSingleLocation

Calling this method will log a location using the regular location provider if a location is reported in under 60 seconds. After 60 seconds expires the regular location provider will stop collecting location.

Property Documentation

- (BOOL) disableAutomaticGeofenceRequests

Use ABKDisableAutomaticGeofenceRequestsKey to disable automatic geofence requests. For more information, please refer to requestGeofencesWithLongitude:latitude: in Appboy.h

- (BOOL) enableGeofences

Use ABKEnableGeofencesKey to enable geofences. For more information, please refer to Appboy.h.

- (BOOL) enableLocationTracking

Use ABKEnableAutomaticLocationCollectionKey to enable automatic location tracking. For more information, please refer to Appboy.h.