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ABKContentCardsWebViewController Class Reference


NSURL * url
IBOutlet WKWebView * webView
IBOutlet UIProgressView * progressBar
BOOL showDoneButton

Property Documentation

- (IBOutlet UIProgressView*) progressBar

The UIProgressView which shows the web view loading process. It will be on top of the web view and will disappear as soon as the page is loaded.

- (BOOL) showDoneButton

The property tells the web view controller to add a Done button or not. The default value is NO. Please set this property before displaying the web view controller.

- (NSURL*) url

The URL the modal web view controller should open. Please note that this is the initial URL and won't be updated if the initial URL re-directs to another URL.

- (IBOutlet WKWebView*) webView

The WKWebView which displays the web page.